MVTH – show – 2010

In 2009 I started with the development of new projects that appeared to manifest themselves as sort of re-evaluations of past work. This could be seen as fixed as, the making of my personal portfolio and website were I presented the idea of my “oeuvre” as subjective historiographies at large. How could I recoup such fragile history? The presentation of a summary deals with the irony over representing yourself in the past-existence, reclaiming present reality and ever-difficult antagonism of creating the double within that reproduction.

The reclaiming the past-existence in present reality fascinated me as a subject more so than the representation or work in itself. I was wrapped by specific weight of these remains as somehow flat images without the context, details or chronology added to them. While confronted with my personal archive, captured in photographical well-executed memorials, all images functioned as lose components as abstract forms to be put in order. Steadily I started an experiment where I’ve copied all pre-selected images from my project folders 2003–2011 into one folder without any clear tag to it (like IMG_01774, etc). This resulted into a list of images without any clear context, details by whom

or when they were made. Next to that I added the same amount of photo images from the ongoing project numerous locations ending up with a total of 300 images. Than I asked a couple of random selected people, some close to me some totally unfamiliar, to make a selection of images—with a min. of 16 and max. of 32 images of that list, based on their personal (subjective) preferences. After that I’ve let them decided an order, to place those selected images into a simple structure, A0 poster size, resulting in an overview of my subjective art history “oeuvre”. With this somehow ironic gesture in the form of my portfolio I like to investigate the ambiguous feelings of representation, practice and memorial in relation to the present. MVTH captured my fragile art history in one A0 poster, which could also be another set of images, another composition, an alternative voice, all disoriented of it’s context, origin or worth—and with no ulterior motive than to show. Order an version of this A0 poster (folded into an A4) size by sending an email to me and/or follow this website as it will function as the basis of changing archive, showing compositions made by several others.